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Celine Dion  | Power Of Love

Georgia, in a word ... PERFECT!

A charismatic woman, a woman with virtues.

Georgia ... my wife, my angel!

An angel giving generously her love, sharing her beautiful smile and repelling the clouds in our life.

The sun in my life.  A faithful and devoted woman.

Courtesy, modesty, honesty, warm heart, dignity, bravery, affectionateness, morality and goodness had been her main characteristics.

She had a thirst for life, perseverance and patience.

She set goals that pursued with great zeal.

After the diagnosis of her disease, she became more patient, wiser and stronger!

She had huge power inside her. She strongly wanted to live.

She never asked why but kept on and fought, giving strength to everybody around her.

The agony and pain for the evolution of her health forced me to neglect my second love, photography.

With the insistence of my beloved Georgia, I began taking pictures again.

She was very proud of me and of my work. In fact, one of her latest wishes was to continue shooting.

Until we meet again my love. Your memory will stay alive forever in my heart. Let your memory be eternal!

In this wall, you can write anything you want in memory of my beloved Georgia