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He had discovered a restless artistic spirit and loved to take pictures, since his childhood. His passion for photography began only in 2000, when he attended photography courses at Adult Education Centres of the Ministry of Education and Culture. So the challenge for the art of photography began.


He became a member of the group photo CYTA-TEY in 2001 and then of the Cyprus Photographic  Society. Also, he was a member of the Photographic Club of Lakatamia and Strovolos Photography Club. He attended lectures about artistic photography took part in various activities and exhibitions.


He is also a member of the International Federation of Art Photography FIAP (Federation Internationale de l' Art Photographique) and in 2010 acquired the title of artist photographer AFIAP.


Polis’ characteristic is his permanent effort to enrich his knowledge about the art of photography. The art that fascinated him as it expresses his world perfectly. It is truly remarkable how one can reach this level through his own effort. At the same time, his effort continues by taking part in conferences, courses and seminars organized by various institutions. He keeps himself informed about the art of photography through various other means.


The reward of Polis’ effort to take pictures with the passion of whatever impresses him comes as a natural consequence of both the original effort and love for the art of photography.

He participates successfully in several international and local photo contests. Many of his photographs have won awards in several local competitions and posted in group exhibitions. Several others have distinguished and exposed in international lounges.

In 2006, he was given the opportunity to present a small sample of his photographic work for first time by participating with two other artists who won distinction in the competition "Photographer of the Year 2005". The photo exhibition was organized by the Cyprus Photographic Society.

Some of his photos were also used in the guidebook issued by the Directory Services of the Cyprus Telecommunication Authority (Cyta) and for the collectible calling cards as well.


At the beginning of his artistic career, his first photographs were taken with an Olympus SLR that belonged to his brother. Then he bought his first semi-professional camera Canon EOS 30 and in 2006 he acquired a digital camera.

As he says, in the course of his career as an artist photographer, several "teachers” helped him through their knowledge and experience to cultivate and develop his talent, played a significant role. Among them Socrates Pericleous, Takis Dimitriadis and his colleague Paphitis Stelios, whom he thanks for introducing him in the art of photography.

He believes that photo is the only thing that catches the time. Photo relaxes him, helps him to forget, travelling him to the magical places, full of colours. Through the photographic lens, he can see things that other people may not. He believes that photography is a way for every artist to express his mental world.


He takes pictures of various objects when all those irritate his eye and touch his soul. With camera in his hands, he feels free to express himself through images that touch his emotions. His aim always is to travel through his photographs, while trying to send messages to those who see them. Positive messages, colourful, full of love and hope, spreading optimism for life. But someone who observes carefully his photos can easily discern through the human figures that express feelings of sadness, anger and pain. The lens is for Polys the means of communication of his own sensitivity for every beautiful and true in our world today.

On this website you can see his work where several of his photos.